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He sued for damages for trespass to the person. Petitioner bank likewise regularly sends statement of account to Lipana but the latter never opened those.

Upon confrontation with the barangay captain, he repudiated their marriage agreement, saying that he was already married to someone living in Bacolod. Since, the act of the board is essentially that of the corporation and therefore corporate assetscannot escape enforcement of the award of damage to the tort victim.

They brought an action against the appellant, the owner of another adjoining property, who had reconstructed the fence on her property as to give her access to The Grove. The 3 police officers then escorted S to the security office where he was interviewed.

The Vilorias also alleged that plaintiffs-appellants had no cause of action against them. There is no question, therefore, that the petitioners actively participated in screening thefeatures and articles in the POD as part of their official functions. However, his attitude toward her changed after a while; he would maltreat and even threatened to kill her, from which she sustained injuries.

Petitioner filed a complaint for damages against respondent Patrocinio Perez, as owner of the cargo truck, based on a breach of contract of carriage and against respondents Antonio Sioson and Lazaro Villanueva, as owner and driver, respectively, of the pick-up truck, based on quasi-delict.

This ruling is still relevant and applicable, and hence, must be upheld. Petitioner testified that she was still reeling from the effects of the vehicular accident when the purported waiver in the form of the Joint Affidavit was presented to her for signing; that while reading the same, she experienced dizziness but that, seeing the other passengers who had also suffered injuries sign the document, she too signed without bothering to read the Joint Affidavit in its entirety.

We believe such a purported waiver is offensive to public policy. Philamgen filed a complaint for the collection of sum of moneyagainst Rita. Likewise, emancipation does not carry with it freedom to enter into transactions or do any act that can give rise to judicial litigation.

From the beginning, obviously, he was not at all moved by good faith and an honest motive. However, the Court has already ruled in a case that [p]er express provision of Article 10 of the New Civil Code, moral damages are recoverable in the cases mentioned in Article 21 of said Code.

Torts Cases and Digest

A scar, especially one on the face of the woman, resulting from the infliction of injury upon her, is a violation of bodily integrity, giving raise to a legitimate claim for restoration to her conditio ante. Factually, therefore, Reginald was still subservient to and dependent on his father.

RMC alleged gross negligence and inexcusable negligence of petitioner bank. One day after Tobias made the report, petitioner Hendry confronted him by stating that he was the number one suspect, and ordered him to take a one week forced leave, not to communicate with the office, to leave his table drawers open, and to leave the office keys.

H, and "Juan Ramon Valdez, et al. Respondent Patrocinio Perez is the owner of a cargo truck for conveying cargoes and passengers for a consideration from Dagupan City to Manila.

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A day before the supposed wedding, on Sept. The existing rule is that a breach of promise to marry per se is not an actionable wrong. These incidents were brought to the attention of the management of the defendant corporation.

The action for battery failed. A a fire broke out which razed two apartment buildings, owned by plaintiffs-appellants Rodriguezes and partially destroying a commercial building. Posts about TORTS AND DAMAGES written by vbdiaz.

Case Digest - Civil Law, Torts | TORTS. Sarkies Tours vs. CA, Fortades et al.


GRN October 2, Romero, J.; FACTS: Private respondent Fortades boarded Sarkies Bus No. 5 with 3 luggages containing important things including documents. All were kept in the baggage compartment of the bus but during stopover, only one bag was recovered.

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Torts Case Digest 1 - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. In the case of establishments of arts and trades, it is the head thereof, and only he, who shall be held liable as an exception to the general rule.

As stated in the dissent of Justice J.B.L. Reyes in the Exconde Case, under Art.he said, was imposed on (1) teachers in general; and (2) heads of schools of arts and trades in particular.

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3D TORTS DIGESTS TORTS & DAMAGES Atty. Howard Calleja Digested by: IIID%(1).

Torts case digest
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