Robinhood case study

Robin Hood SWOT Analysis and Strategy Recommendations

What would YOU recommend. Robin Hood needs to define the vision so that all the Merrymen understand and accept the same vision as Robin Hood.

For example, informal hierarchies and leaders might start to appear which could slowly break down the chain of command. The rapid size increase of the band creates several different issues within itself that Robin Hood must deal with as well; 1 depleting the forest resources for food and shelter causing the band to outgrow its present location; 2 how to increase revenues and reduce cost; 3 find a new legitimate market for making revenues, because travelers avoid the forest for fear of being robbed; 4 because of the large number of new recruits, security for the band must be increased to avoid detection and not give away their exact location; 5 at least half of the men in Robin Hood's band are unfamiliar to him.

This will ensure Robin Hood gets as much feedback as he can on what the Merrymen think the problems are and what should be done to resolve the band's issues McNamara, Strategic Planning, However, if the band can cope with the change, and help the barons to raise the ransom money for King Richard, then Robin will have achieved his goal.

This would make it hard for him to enforce rules and regulations using his old ways because vigilance was not present with the new recruits. Prince John taxed King Richard's subjects into poverty and stole from them for his own personal gain losing customer focus.

Also, trust and loyalty will become an issue, especially for a group of outlaws. Robin therefore concluded that the campaign tactics needed to change, or the campaign itself must come to an end. Next, Robin Hood needs to plan and strategize on how to take care of his Merrymen and address the issues to handle the overwhelming growth of new recruits.

Since the majority of these problems are all interlinked with the size of the organization then it is advised for Robin to solve this problem first as it would help to solve all the smaller problems.

Internally, as human resources increased the number of lieutenants he would need to effectively manage the group would need to be increased.

The first problem would be deciding which members of the band to remove from their positions as it would be time-consuming and difficult. Job security is something which needs to be in place for an employee to enjoy his or her Job, and to get the most out of it.

Many organizations have strategies for managing conflict. Threats Sheriff is growing much stronger and becoming better organized Sheriff has political connections and powerful friends and he was well regarded by the regent, Prince John Policy Revisions The policy suggested by Robin Hood to impose tax on travelers will only be feasible under certain conditions.

The actual process of removing people from the band would have consequences which could prove disastrous. The retributions that would follow will be swift and very dangerous.

Robin Hood SWOT Analysis and Strategy Recommendations

This could then help to cause the campaign to spread outside of Nottingham. This does lead on to yet another problem facing Robin, revenue and finances. Robin Hood must consider whether to change their policy of outright confiscation of goods and institute a fixed transit tax shift to a new business purpose McNamara, Basic Context for Organizational Change, Or are these two points interconnected.

He is responsible for the training, health, morale, and safety of the band, as well as its well-being. Robin knew that the High Sheriff of Nottingham was growing stronger and that he had a lot more resources available to him.

Mullions, Focusing on common goals may lead to a more co- operative behavior. Employees are motivate Day ten promise AT rewards and incentives. Robin Hood Case Study 1.

Final Case: Robin Hood The first year Robin Hood has successfully” forged the group into a disciplined band, [with the] organization [set up being] simple” (Lampel,C).

- Robin Hood – Quest for Freedom Robin Hood, by Paul Creswick, is a story of great triumph.

Robin Hood Case Study

Many people know the myth of Robin Hood, but they do not know the life of Robin Hood. It is a good novel to read if the reader likes stories of a true legend. Robin knows very few of the men he encounters within the forest, this old prove to be De-motivating for the members of the group whom Robin is unfamiliar with.

It will be important for the members of the band to feel like they belong, and that they are serving an important purpose by being in the band.

Category: Case Study Analysis; Title: Robin Hood. Essay on The Adventures and Tales of Robin Hood - The legend of Robin Hood is widely known throughout the world. Robin Hood SWOT Analysis and Strategy Recommendations Robin Hood’s main problem was the increasing size of his band.

Initially, he had hoped that strength lay in numbers and the more Merry men he had, the better it would be for him to effectively fight against the sheriff’s administration. AWS Case Study: Robinhood. Robinhood is a startup offering no-fee securities trading.

The company uses AWS to operate its online business, deliver and update its mobile trading app, securely store customer information and trading data, and perform business analytics.

Robinhood case study
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